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YEAR 2009

Picnic at Welleby Park
ESRN Singers


Roz at Picnic

Goldie Witrock demostrates new Talking Books Player

Sarah and Sabrina, AllianceCare

Celia with Elizabeth of Schott Communities

Halloween 2009

Barbara and George

Claire Muller

Dr. Neile, Harriet, Andrea
Halloween 2009

Victor DeBianchi, Attorney

Mickey and George
Disability Expo

Norma Rossoff, Center for Independent Living

Joe Palano
Foundation Fighting Blindness Vision Walk

Doreen, Angel House and Tiesha Taylor, Attorney

Dr. Beth Cooper, Chiropractor

George and Cooking Without Looking Hosts

Cooking Without Looking Production Studio

Fruit Baskets for Dallas and his brother

Dr. Berman, Rand Institute

Lynn and Sarah, Sightline Works

Nancy and Stacy, Healthsouth Sunrise Rehabilitation

Members receiving massages

                                Kings Point Choir                                      

Steve Kidd, Broward Paratransit

April and Claire, MS Society

Alan Lacov playing the piano

Trip to Aging Grace

Jenny Gordon, Social Security Office

Michael, Sierras Senior Transitions

Jason and Phyllis, AllianceCare

Patricia, Home Touch Program


Ballroom Dancing

Instructor Jan and Doris




Sam and Ann

Murray and Roxanne


Michelle Smith, Aging Grace

Harriet and daughter Diane

Entertainer Jackie Jacob


Jackie and Shirley

Travona Wallace



Joe Singing

Norma and Barbie....Center for Independent Living

Rene and Joe with service dog

Student Volunteers...Fourth July Party

Sara...Aging & Disability Resource Center

Meeting 2009

Sally.....Jazzercise Class

Dr. Jaffe, Nova Southeastern

Students from Nova Southeastern University

Dr. Jaffe and Students....Foot Screening Exams

Dr. Jaffe

Aging Smart Mastermind Group

Betty Rosse, Elderly and Veteran Affairs

Lisa and Renee, Family Home Health Services

Donna, ARC Broward

CVS Pharmacists, Eduardo and Harry

Trip to SarahCare



Dr. Dhalla, Retina Group of Florida

Arena singing for Memorial Day


Exercising with Sally

Richard playing harmonica and Marvin

Bob explaining new Talking Books Player

Happy Birthday Years 1913,1914,1915,1916

George Accepting Senior Companion Site Award for LCVIS

Mother's Day Party 2009


Sally Gerson & Anne Sarner... Born 1911

Loretta arriving with Support Management

Alan Beyda, SarahCare

Sanford Rosenthal

Kelly Brown, Broward Appraiser's Office and Doris

Maxim Healthcare Services

Bingo.....Lauretta, Ann, Margaret

Bingo.....Marilyn, Anne, Doris, Barbara, Ruth, Pat

Bingo Caller.....Agnes

Re'nee of Vision World Foundation

Terri Martin, Imagine Take Control

Dr. Leon, Chiropractor

           BILLIE SMITH


                   HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY LCVIS

Billie and Family

January and February Birthdays

Receiving Proclamation from Mayor Donovan

Proclamation declaring February 10, 2009
Billie Smith Day

Interview by NBC for Channel 6 Special



Billie and George on TV

Susan Yeatman, Humana Point

Susan and Andrew of Maggie Moo's Ice Cream Party

Eric Langholtz, MetLife

Stephanie Schneider. Elder Law Attorney

Goldie, JBI Library
Book Review

Robin......Lighthouse of Broward

Omid Ghaffari-Tabrize, Attorney

Bluegrass Pickers

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